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Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair (abbreviated as HTF) has been successfully held for consecutive 27 years since 1990. More than 200,000 international and domestic exhibitors and visitors from about 80 countries and regions on average come to the fair each year. HTF has become a window for China to develop a diversified international market and an important platform for Northeast Asia regional cooperation.
With a theme of “Activating Cooperation Hotspot, Promoting Innovation Development”, the 28th HTF is going to be held in Harbin of China from June 15th to 19th, 2017. It consists of international, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Pavilion, China-Russia Cooperation Pavilion, Regional Revival Exhibition Area, Green Construction Materials Exhibition Area, International Logistics Exhibition Area, Cross Border E-Commerce Exhibition Area,Intelligent Manufacture Exhibition Area,Financial Cooperation Exhibition Area,Culture Industry Exhibition Area, Biomass and Comprehensive Utilization Equipment Area, Machinery and Electric Products Area, Large Machinery Exhibition Area, etc. We will focus on effective enterprise docking and provide exhibitors with more exchange and cooperation opportunities.
You are cordially invited to the 28th Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair and the 4th China-Russia Expo.

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