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  Industrial Corridor
  Revitalizing Heilongjiang





• Harbin Trade Fair concludes
• Harbin Trade Fair Concluded Successfully, with Foreign Trade Contract Volume Hitting a Record High of $ 10Billion
• Other provinces and cities actively organize enterprises to participate in the 23rd Harbin Trade Fair
• Working Group of HTF Administrative Office headed for Sichuan (Chengdu) to investigate and research
• Working Group from HTF Administrative Office to Investigate and Research in Fujian (Xiamen)
• Working Group from HTF Administrative Office to Investigate and Research in Guangxi (Nanning)
• Forest Industry Association of Russia's Primorsky Region will continue to attend HTF
• The delegation of Harbin Trade Fair paid a visit to Ural region of Russia
• Delegations from government of Alberta of Canada visited the Administration Office of China Harbin Economic and Trade Fair
• Notice on import tariff exemption of retention exhibits for China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair during “the 12th Five-Year Plan” period.
• Economy and trade delegation from Heilongjiang Province attended The 5th China-LAC Business Summit and attracted exhibitors and purchasers for HTF
• Reporters from “Monocle” of UK had a special interview with Harbin Trade Fair
• Harbin Trade Fair heads for Kamchatka, Russia to investigate and carry out co-operation on agriculture
• Harbin Trade Fair enhances exhibitors and purchasers attraction in Far East, Russia
• Administration Office of Harbin Trade Fair sent a delegation to 3 countries of the Baltic Sea to invite exhibitors and purchasers for the 23rd Harbin Trade Fair
• Survey and main projects of the 22nd Harbin Trade Fair
• Traveling of merchants from South Africa looking for Communication and Study
• Polish Merchant Diana: I must achieve something at the HTF
• Tasting wine and searching for business
• Exhibitors of Foreign Countries Pavilion
• Booths of the 22nd China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair have been fully booked
• Heilongjiang Province will mainly focus on the development of its top ten industries in the next 3 years.
• National-level chambers of commerce from Russia will participate in Harbin Trade Fair for the first time
• Provincial governor of Heilongjiang Wang Xiankui: concentrating on building important industrial park
• Three Provinces in Northeast of China Will Become New Coordinates In The Chinese Economy During “twelfth five” Year
• Large-scale activities of Harbin in 2011 have been published
• Log imports of Heilongjiang Province increased in January and February
• Total value of border import and export of Heilongjiang Province reaches 780 million dollars from January to February
• Press Conference of the 22nd China Harbin International Economic and Trade Fair
• Harbin plans to invest in a hundred projects and develop overseas investments
• Harbin Indoor Ice lantern hall opens again
• Heihe will build the largest test run field in the Frigid Zone
• Harbin opens air line to Dubai
• Time for some economic restructuring
• Hinggan Mountains pioneers in low-carbon lifestyle

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